Made the jump from Graylog 4 to 5 ? Please share your feedback!

Just looking to gather feedback from those who had the courage to upgrade from version 4 to version 5: did it went smooth or were there any blocking issues or bugs.

As for me I’m currently on 4.3.12 (installed on Ubuntu 20.04 via deb packages) and will be upgrading next week to 5.0.3, wish me luck :slight_smile:


I attempted an upgrade from 4 to 5 and it failed due to issues with MongoDB, and would not run at all even on the old version. I spent a little bit of time troubleshooting it, but was not getting anywhere so I just did a fresh install.

On the fresh install, if you run elastic search you’ll need to manually install the specific version required by Graylog. The repos are no longer available.

I was not able to get Opensearch running, even on a fresh install. I got several errors where it appeared that Graylog was still looking for Elastic Search.

Good luck!

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Hey @H2Cyber

Ensure you CPU has the “AVX” flag, required by MongoDb 5.0, I just install Opensearch on Ubuntu 20.0.4 using the following.


sudo dpkg -i opensearch-2.5.0-linux-x64.deb

The rest you know, Im unable to upgrade as of right now because of the CPU issue, looking at “RethinkDb” but not sure if Graylog will be able to use anothe NoSQL Server.

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Just to add to this, if you happen to be using Hyper-V to host your Graylog VM, disabling CPU compatibility allows for AVX extensions to be passed through to the guest OS. CPU comparability is required for Hyper-V live migrations where the hosts have different generation CPU, so it may not even be a problem.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the feedback.

I have attempted to upgrade today but it was not successfull (the GL service won’t start after upgrading, with no messages in the Graylog log file whatsoever). I have included the details in the following Github issue : Upgrade from v4.3.12 to v5.0.3 fails on Ubuntu 20.04 · Issue #14637 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub

It seems I have no choice but to rollback, at least for now.

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Hey @H2Cyber

got to dig deep why the sevice will not start. I just installed Graylog 5.0.3 /w MongoDb 4.4.14 & Opensearch 2.5 all this on Ubuntu 22.0.4. I had an issue with mongoDb not starting.

This example, I used to find clues on why.

journalctl -xeu graylog-server.service


You can check your server log (/var/log/messages)


Check permission on files and folders
Double check configuration files, ensure they did not get over written.
Filewalls, etc…

We are testing graylog version 5 in QA and it work fine for me.
Runing on Amazon linux 2 on AWS
Aarch - arm64
graylog version used - 5.0.0
mongo vserion - 6.0.4
opensearch - 2.5.0
using gravition instance - mg6 for graylog

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Turns out I had to upgrade Java to v17 before upgrading (even though the documentation explicitly said that Java ships bundled with Graylog 5).


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