Best Practice for Modifying 'Alerts' tab in the Graylog Frontend/Dashboard

Hi all,

I’m developing a plugin for Graylog and for its frontend portion I want to modify the Alerts → Events Description page in order to add more information in the event details.
I’m able to achieve this by creating an entirely new page for Alerts on the dashboard and modifying the code here graylog2-server/EventDetails.jsx at master · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub to add more event related information.
As a result of this, I now have 2 tabs for ‘Alerts’ on my dashboard - one is the original and the other is the page I added in the plugin.
Could anybody please let me know if this is the right approach? Is there a way to override the original ‘Alerts’ Page with the one I have in the plugin?

EDIT: I think I need to pass the custom 3rd parameter in the plugin’s webpack.config.js file in order to overwrite the parent page, but I’m not sure what this parameter needs to look like:

module.exports = new PluginWebpackConfig('my.fully.qualified.plugin.classname', buildConfig, {
  // Here goes your additional webpack configuration.

Any help on this would be really appreciated!


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