Alert Conditions Plugin in Graylog 3.2

How can we make or update an “Alert Condition” plugin in Graylog 3.2. The “Alert notification” has been change to “Event Notifications” but what about “Alert Condition”?

he @toma

could you please be a little more verbose in your question? What is your exact case?

We have develop an “alert condition” plugin compatible graylog 3.0. But it seem that the “alert condition” does not exist anymore. In the documentation it is written that it’s now “Event Notifications” plugin. But in my understanting the “event notification” plugin is the new way to make an “Alert notification” plugin.
So how can we update an “alert condition” plugin develop for Graylog 3.0 in Graylog 3.2?

the alert and event section of Graylog is reworked completely. You might find your Plugin in the “legacy notification” section but you need to rewrite the plugin to adopt the new way.

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