Graylog 3.0 Features

Hi where can I request some features for Graylog 3.0?

I would like the below features

  • Search functionality on Alert Conditions
  • Deactivate alerts without having to completely delete the alert conditions
  • Filter (Configurable) fields on backlog messages and send only the required fields rather than the whole message.
  • Reallocation of new master if the current master is not available.
  • Run alerts for specific times or a between specific time period in a day

Any idea for the release date for Graylog 3.0? Will the plugins developed for Graylog 2.x work with Graylog 3.0?

He @mev9669

our issue tracker can be found over at Github:

Please feel free to open a new feature request, if the feature is not already described by one. it is very unlikely that any new feature will move into 3.0 or 2.5 that is not already in as 2.5 will be released in the first week of December and 3.0 on the 14th Feb. 2019

We can’t give any warrenty that any Plugin that was written for Graylog 2.x will work with 3.x. The creator of the Plugin might need to adjust something.

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