Graylog 3.x Release Notes


I’ve noticed and understood that when will be ready I’ll see on the official page the release of Graylog 3.x.
The current status is ~72% wich is great, I’m still waiting this in order to put on top of Elasticsearch 6.3.1 combined with FluentD.

As a kindly request if you can make a great Release Note covering the below aspects:

  • GUI
  • Alerting
  • Metrics/ KPIs
  • Predefined Dashboards if possible
  • Graylog itself metrics
  • Integrations
  • Compatibility
  • Plugins
  • Authentification/ permissions/ roles/ security/ etc

I’ve noticed that there is put in place a telegraf inputs for graylog and a prometheus exporter for graylog, with new version it will be nice also to have those metrics.

All the best wishes.
Kind Regards,

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