Is Elasticsearch 6.x compatible with Graylog 2.x or is only with the future Graylog 3?

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I’ve read that Graylog 3 will be compatible with Elasticsearch 6.x.

Can you please confirm this aspect or maybe it will be nice to have a “Compatibility Matrix” instead like the one provided by Elastic e.g. ?
Is there a way to know when will be released Graylog 3? (I’ve seen that is 74% ready based on the GitHub status, but something official on this topic is on the site?).

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I heard from Graylog that Graylog v3 will be released at the end of July, and that it will be compatible with ES 6.x

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Thank you @JHilke, I hope that will have an official response.

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Graylog 3.0 will be released in 2018, as the release should be stable and working we do not force us to release at a specific date - but have a product that is working.

ES 6 compatibility is one of the features for 3.0 that you will see.

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for your feedback.
This sounds great (I was noticed that on GitHub there the advancement is around ~76%) and I hope that it will be released till end of August, we have implemented Elasticsearch/ FluentD and we want to use Graylog 3 due to the fact that we have Elasticsearch 6.3 now.

Regarding the below topic, what do you think?
Can you please confirm this aspect or maybe it will be nice to have a “Compatibility Matrix” instead like the one provided by Elastic e.g.

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Regarding the Matrix - some users might find this useful but currently we just need a few sentences to describe what is needed and what not working.

That can be found in the documentation:

As our documentation can be modified with a PR - feel free to provide this matrix for others. Earlier version of Graylog had the need of a list to look at the ES Versions, but the current release is using the HTTP API of ES what does not bound to a specific release.

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for your time and details.
Really appreciated the description.
Kindly take in account to make an announcement when Graylog 3.x is ready, I’m waiting in order to implement and if you consider to have for future that matrix compatibility put in place till the end of 2018.

Kind Regards,

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He Florian,

just follow our Blog, where the announcement will be made - the matrix will not be created from our end, if you feel the need of having one, create a PR over at our documentation.

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Thank you.
Have a great day Jan.

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