Api/search/universal/relative/histogram HTTP 404 Not Found

Hi i’m using Graylog 4.1.6.
It is an upgrage from an older version.
I used in my previous java rest client the route api/search/universal/relative/histogram than now is no longer available.

Can somebody help me to understand what I should use to have the same old response?
I don’t find any remove o api changes in the graylog upgrade docs (Upgrading to Graylog 3.0.x - Upgrading Graylog)


Here is the related issue. It has a discussion on how to get the same data with supported APIs.

Hi @patrickmann
thansk for your help, but I don’t find the route to use the suggested link but it talks about

POST /views/search/messages

that does not return a value like the old api
What I should use?

Here is the comment I had in mind. Hope that helps.
You might also want to post your request in the documentation channel.

For anyone looking for a proper absolute query to search messages in streams, here it is:

POST /views/search/messages

{ “streams”: [ “000000000000000000000001” ], “timerange”: [ “absolute”, { “from”: “2020-12-01T00:00:00.000Z”, “to”: “2020-12-01T15:00:00.000Z” } ], “query_string”: { “type”:“elasticsearch”, “query_string”:“your_query” } }

As far as I am concerned it is not possible to search through entire input anymore - you need to create a separate stream to be able to do so.

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