REST API Get data Error

hi, all

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic xxx' \
--header 'Cookie: authentication=xxx'

My graylog environment verison is 5.0.8+4c22532, deploying via docker. I request data with api-browser is worked, but it didn’t worked with Postman, curl, python etc. The error message is:must not be empty (path = Relative Search Resource.searchRelativeChunked.arg6, invalid Value = null).
What should I do in this situation? Thanks!!!

Hey @Belee05

What are you trying to achieve?

Hi gsmith,
I’ m trying to search data via graylog rest api, such as: /search/universal/absolute. Some URI is worked, such as /api/cluster, but /search/universal/absolute is didn’t worked.
Do you have any solution to resolve this issue?

Hey @Belee05

What version of Graylog is installed? I just noticed that is Legacy API as of Version 4.3.

EDIT: I tested it out, the easiest way I can tell ya is naviagte to the API browser --> GET /search/universal/absolute
Plugged in all the info.


From there the output was null but the Request URL is available.


[root@graylog ~]# curl -XGET -k
[1] 1342
[2] 1343
[3] 1344
[4] 1345
[5] 1346
[3]   Done                    to=2023-06-05T15%3A34%3A49.000Z
[root@graylog ~]#
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Thanks for reply. My Graylog version is 5.1.2. Your Request URL is also available for me, but the output is not json format, because the data is json format on graylog database. I tested it on API browser, the output data is json format. These is any setting need to set?

There was two URI of /search/universal/absolute and the first URI return data is text format, the second is json format. You can test it in your environment.

Hey @Belee05
Yeah I will, give me a sec

EDIT: I get yeah I seen that, Tested it for ya no issues.

[root@graylog prometheus]#  curl -XGET -k
[1] 25354
[2] 25355
[3] 25356
[2]-  Done                    from=2023-06-04T15%3A34%3A49.000Z
[root@graylog prometheus]# curl -XGET -k
[4] 25426
[5] 25427
[6] 25428
[1]   Done                    curl -XGET -k
[3]   Done                    to=2023-06-05T15%3A34%3A49.000Z
[5]-  Done                    from=2023-06-04T15%3A34%3A49.000Z
[root@graylog prometheus]#

hey Just an FYI , Im running GL 4.3 so if you still having issues Im not 100% sure but it might be the version.

I get another URI:/views/search, the body arg as below. It can resolve my issue. :smiley:

        "queries": [
            "filter": {
              "filters": [
                    "type": "stream",
                    "id": *stream*
              "type": "or"
            "timerange": {
                "type": "absolute",
                "from": fr,
                "to": to
            "query": {
                "type": "elasticsearch",
                "query_string": rule
            "search_types": [
                    "limit": 10000,
                    "offset": 0,
                    "sort": [
                            "field": "timestamp",
                            "order": "DESC"
                    "decorators": [],
                    "type": "messages",
                    "filter": null

Awesome :+1: @Belee05

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