API /search/relative doesn't works

When trying to use
Graylog version 2.5
/api/search/relative can’t get to the one that returns json, only to text/csv.
How can I call /api/search/relative and get json response?

what have you tried exactly? What was the command/search you have done?

Hi Jan,
Thanks a lot for the response!

Tried to use the following:
“/api/search/universal/relative?query=trap: “Over Temperature!”&range=86400&decorate=true&filter=streams:5b4b27c58531970a1b406f72&fields=message,source”
And get a txt/csv response instead of json

did you get the messages back that you search? because you would need to encode your search …

I get a response but in txt/csv format instead of json.
It worked in Graylog version 2.4

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