Rest-api alternative for search route removed

Hello fire team!

In our infrastructure, we have upgraded from version 3.0 to 4.0.1. We are using a very large number of API calls which have been deleted so example (/ search / universal / [relative | absolute] / [fieldhistogram | terms-histogram])

I am trying to find an alternative solution with the remaining API routes via the doc and I find nothing, even the (/ search / universal / *) which remain are now in legacy so I don’t have to take them and these replies are the full messages very weight to make histograms for calculers has several million messages.

I can’t find any plugins that could do a similar job. Do you have an existing solution that I could use to retrieve by API call the result in histograms (eg, hour | day | month | …) not full messages but in ‘tables’ as it was in older versions?

Thank you all


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