Using the Scroll api over Graylog REST API call


could somebody give me a hint, how to make use of the “scroll” feature in REST API calls? I need to fetch a result greater than 10.000 messages without messing around with index.max_result_window (won’t help that much, because the result will contain >500K messages). I’m using python and the endpoints /api/search/universal/relative and /api/search/relative/absolute for the query.


To check the original WUI is always a good idea.
I did it, and my browser use the following url when I scroll the page.


In your case the &limit=150&offset=150 will be the key.

Hi macko003,

thanks for your help. That solution sounds pretty good, but I’m wondering how the WUI gets this information

Found 246,742 messages in 48 ms, searched in 10

Because I need the total amount messages to iterate through all the pages using limit and offset.


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