API response limit in json

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I have similar problem as in

But my version of graylog is newest stabile

I have 2 nodes with 2.4.3 version:
Node ID:
2.4.3+2c41897, codename Wildwuchs
Node ID:
2.4.3+2c41897, codename Wildwuchs

for resolve json limit I have upgrade graylog today.
But in json response i get:
message[‘total_results’] = 988 (as example)
and length of messages array = 150 (with any relative timerange)

What I can do with this?

(Jochen) #2

Please provide some details about what requests you’re sending to the Graylog REST API, the responses to these requests, and some details what you’re trying to achieve.

(FelixFV) #3

my python request is:
query = ‘streams:000000000000000000000001’
fields = ‘_id,dest_ip’
range = str(30)

in my case I need some aggregation actions in script. An d it needs lot of message in response.

If it is not possible - I’ll try another way

(Jochen) #4

The default page size is 150 items. If you want more result items, you’ll have to set the limit query parameter accordingly or page through the result set (see offset query parameter).

(FelixFV) #5

I add &limit=some-int to my URL and it works
thanks @jochen!

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