Address already in use when use static_fields in Beats in Graylog 4.2

I am experiencing a strange issue with Graylog. When attempting to use “static_fields” on Beats as an input, I am encountering an “address already in use” error.Can you please advise on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue? Thank you.

(if I remove static_fields content , the graylog and beats work correctly)

os : ubuntu 22.04 graylog version : 4.2 elasticsearch : 7.10.2 mongo : 4.4.24

I have tried adding a static field using the Graylog input feature, but it does not seem to resolve the issue.

On which side are you receiving the error (Graylog or beats agent) and what is the exact error, and when do you get the error, when you click save etc.

1-in Graylog agent,
2-I get the error when I click “start input” in Graylog inputs panel

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