About the NEW Marketplace/How to Search the New Marketplace

The Graylog Marketplace is the central resource for Graylog add-ons

Find, explore, and try out Graylog add-ons created by Graylog community members and enthusiasts. Plugins, extractors, content packs and GELF libraries are available as well as guides and documentation.

To search the New Marketplace, please watch and follow the steps shown in this short video:

Developers: Use the Marketplace to post links to Graylog-specific apps you develop and maintain on GitHub. Contact david.sciuto@graylog.com and let the community help you to test out, provide feedback, and promote your work among the membership.

DISCLAIMER: Developers are free to post links to Graylog-specific apps developed and maintained on GitHub. However, Graylog does not test, validate, endorse, or otherwise promote any developer apps in the Marketplace. Any guarantees or endorsements of Marketplace apps are made at the discretion of individual community members and not officially sanctioned by Graylog. Use these apps at your caution.

What happened to the old Marketplace? Why the switch to an unstructured forum posts?


HI, Matt,
Thanks for asking. There are a couple of reasons. For one, the old Marketplace had a number of outdated add-ons that were not being maintained. As part of the community, we will now have regular “check-in” with the developer, who, under the community will be community members.

Secondly, and more importantly, the move is related to bringing the developers into the community and giving them an opportunity to highlight their open products to the community. You will see, on occasion, developers interacting with community members about their add-on in an integrated, member-to-member way.

Including your comment about “unstructured forum posts,” what are your thoughts about the move? Are we missing some functionality that you liked? How can we improve it?

For example, i cannot find content packs. I have spent 30 minutes without any useful result.
There is no clear section for content packs or addons. Only one long list of messages. No types, no tags, no filters…
The search seems not finding content packs for apache or postfix.
Before, i was able to find instantly what i needed (packs or addons). Now all i see is the endless list of some non-related messages. Could you SEPARATE uploads from discussions, please?
Could you, please, add some instructions on how to find files, content packs and not thousands of discussions? Thanks.

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Hey, connotfind,

Thanks for your feedback on the new Marketplace.  We want to ensure that our community members are able to find what you're looking for: easily, fast, and consistently. Your suggestion to add a brief tutorial on how to find things in the Marketplace is a good.

Before I write up the tutorial, would you be available to walk through it with me via a Zoom mtg? I’d like to know specifically what you’re looking for and show you how to find it. The New Marketplace has tags and subcategories, which apparently aren’t apparent, so that would be a good place to start.

Please reach out to me with your available times and email address and I’ll set up a meeting. You can reach me at david.sciuto@graylog.com

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@Matt.W See my response to @cannotfind below. If you’d like to join me on a quick zoom call in the coming days, I’d like to help you find whatever you’re looking for in the new Marketplace. Reach to me at david.sciuto@graylog.com

I’m a new user to Graylog, just finished getting everything setup. I cannot navigate this marketplace to find the actual downloads. Looking at screenshots from the old marketplace, it was MUCH easier to actually find and install content packs. Comparing old screenshots to the new marketplace, I don’t see how this is easier for anyone other than the developers. This is a two way community, right? Why not make it easier to download the content packs. I’ve been searching for 45 minutes, and found this post about you creating a guide, but I cannot find a guide anywhere.

And worse yet, all of your documentation is for the “Old Marketplace,” meaning you have no instructions on how to navigate the “New Marketplace.” Can you please throw up an easy to find document/article specifically for newcomers and end users that explicitly walks them through finding, downloading and installing a content pack in this new marketplace? I’d be forever grateful.



Hello, Barry, Thanks for your comments. I will update this document to help clarify navigation for users. In the meanwhile, it would be helpful if you and I could discuss this in more detail–as I’ve asked others who have ideas for the New Marketplace. If you’re agreeable to a quick meeting, send me email at david.sciuto@graylog.com and I’ll schedule some time.

The only thing I’m going to add is ditto to the commenters above. Finding anything is so much more complicated than it needs to be, especially when considering how easy it was before.

I’m very disappointed in this move, and hope to see some significant improvement going forwarded.

Sadly, I’ll have to agree with the rest: searching content in the New Marketplace is much harder than it used to be.

Here is one practical example : I used to use a handy plugin that creates a Syslog Output in Graylog. The plugin was downloadable from this link on the Old Marketplace. Fast forward to the New Marketplace, I have been searching for the last 10 minutes but I can’t find it anymore.

Hey, @H2Cyber, If you have time for a call on this, let me know. I’ve seen several people here voice opinions about the New Marketplace, but none seem to be available to discuss. Let me know if you’re available on Friday. I’d like to see how members are using the new marketplace.

it’s been months now and there is still no clear way to go from the installation guide (the most common entry point) to the marketplace content packs.

E.g. from here Architectural Considerations, we are recommended AMQP and Kafka which both take us to the same useless page.

When I search there “AMQP” I get:


which simply shows old forum posts - no help.

I have no idea if there was an AMQP plugin (as the docs suggest!) and its now gone, or its completely obsolete, removed.

As a second example, Search results for 'haproxy' - Graylog Community is another well-known content parser, and the first link is for graylog 2 & 3 versions, and mentions only haproxy 1.x, the latest version is 2.7.

Pushover Alert for Graylog was at least easy to find, but it doesn’t clearly state if it supports v5 or not?

Just put a HTML doc with a boring table that has the following columns:

  • plugin name
  • plugin type
  • longer description
  • last update & supported graylog versions
  • link to forums posts for support (like Search results for 'amqp' - Graylog Community )
  • link to source code
  • link where to log code issues
  • funding further work & maintenance

After over an hour of searching and fiddling, I found this link which should be prominently displayed in the docs any time somebody refers to Marketplace.

From a practicality perspective, the current “marketplace” looks like the minimum possible effort to make this work as a forum post, without any thought into the usability and the functionality that a “marketplace” might require.

A “marketplace” surely has functionality to exchange goods for cash… perhaps a funding model could be done here? Or for popular plugins that are not backed by a company, perhaps graylog could lead the pack and send some $$ to those people?

Hey @skunkwerks

I understand your fusteration on this.

When I execute search for plugins, etc… I use only the market place catagory for searches and it takes you right there.

Perhaps @dscryber could explain this better.

thanks @gsmith the issue is that outside graylog staff, nobody is ever going to know they need to include the #marketplace tag.

you need to make it discoverable for newcomers, and in the docs

If you can find a way to include that into the main graylog docs, in the links I showed above, then we will know where to look and how to search.

If that’s not clear, feel free to email me and we can walk through what’s not working.


I agree there could be a better view on this catagory, TBH I highly doubt the old markpalce will be back but defintly better directions and intructions are needed.

Beyond frustrating at the moment: Where is the Azure Event Hub plugin?


Docs exist for it but finding the plugin is now impossible…

@dscryber do you know where to get this now?

Replying to myself now :confused:

Same thing on GCP: Google Input

Docs exist, but where is the plugin located?

Did all this stuff move to “Enterprise only”?

Hi, @skuzbucket1

Thanks for asking, I understand your frustration. The New Marketplace was an attempt to clean up the larger number of plugins, addons, etc that were obsolete in the older Marketplace. We are looking into the possibly, now, of finding a more permanent home for this developers’ area.

However, if you follow the instructions on the “How to SEARCH the New Marketplace,” you’ll see that you can quickly find what you’re looking for (if it exists) in the New Marketplace. Here’s a link to that post with a short video that shows you how to search in the Marketplace:

I was able to find one of your requests, haproxy. Here’s the link:

For the other GCP: it doesn’t seem to be in the new marketplace, which is why you can’t find it.

I’ve asked the technical writers to let me know where they sourced these plugins to write the documentation. I’ll post their response here.

Thanks again for asking and for your feedback.