Graylog Marketplace?

Was the graylog marketplace overhauled or removed? The link redirects to the community forums, specifically Marketplace - Graylog Community

I’m trying to get started with adding content to packs to Graylog so I can visualize some of the data I’ve been collecting, however I’m fairly confused as I’m not encountering any sort of marketplace/catalogue that is displayed in the fashions demonstrated in the following links.

Hello @gawainxr

I believe so. Past few weeks @dscryber was migrating everything off of the market place to the forum, so everything that you were wanting at the market place is now here.

Each post should have a link to GitHub. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I find the format of browsing the forums a lot harder then the original marketplace format when I had browsed it a few weeks ago but diddnt Install anything.

It also appears that with this transition there is no longer a rating system, which I’d consider a key element for browsing add-ons (especially community or third party ones).

Is the current state how things will be for the foreseeable future?


Yes, the Marketplace (MP) has been incorporated into the community. By doing so, the new marketplace allows community members to move between forums with more ease. It also ensures that our MP developers are part of the community and are able to get feedback from members. Ultimately, MP developers will now have an opportunity to demo their wares with special membership privileges they didn’t have before. More on that to come soon.

Sorry to see that you’re finding it more difficult to scroll through the new format. You may find that using search may help or using tags will be beneficial. Regarding the rating system, you are correct. The new format doesn’t include it, but perhaps that’s something we build into the new MP in the future. I’m interested in your full assessment and ideas for the MP. If you would please send me your feedback at, I’ll respond directly.

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