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I asked about

Azure Event Hub Plugin
Google Cloud Project Plugin

not haproxy, etc…

Your Graylog 5 documentation references both of them

Azure Event Hub: Azure Event Hub

Google: Google Input

How do we get these inputs?

I’ve heard back from documentation. They are checking into the location of Azure Event Hub and Google Input and promise a location update by Monday. Neither of these are in Marketplace currently. I’ll let you know where to get these ASAP as I’m informed of their location. Additionally, I’ll place links to them in the Marketplace and look for the developers responsible for these so that we get an official post. Again, my apologies for the issues. I am very thankful that you’ve brought this to our attention!



Here’s an update from our tech doc team. The manager looked into the documentation you mentioned and had this to say:

“These [plugins] are not third-party additions. They are enterprise only integrations that can only ship and be utilized with a license. The documentation does not state this outright as it should, which we will correct now. With a license, these are included in the product, so once the user has set up separate Azure/GCP accounts, they would only need to configure the input to activate. Apologies for this confusion!”