The new not a marketplace

I’ll add to the overwhelmingly negative response to the new ‘marketplace’.
It’s not a marketplace anymore. Simple.
It was easy to use, now it’s a mess. Funny, considering Graylog tries to make data easy to search, easy to find.
You re-invented the wheel, and decided to make it a square. Quite the bumpy ride.
It’s never too late to admit you’re going in the wrong direction!
Good luck everyone.

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I have not been a fan of the old Marketplace and as such haven’t gone into the new marketplace much… Do you have some alternatives you can link to that have a more helpful format or maybe some ideas for formatting/keyword changes that would make it better?

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Hello @ttlankoo

Actually, the majority on users found marketplace difficult since most of the add-ons were not being updated nor maintained.

@dscryber describes it best here.


@ttlankoo Thanks for your input. We’re open to suggestions about improving the new marketplace. The goals of the new market were, at least, two-fold, 1.) remove old, deprecated apps while maintaining more current ones, and 2.) enable developers to highlight their updates to the community. Although the new marketplace has succeeded in reaching those goals, there are much more to do.

To help find apps in the new marketplace, each item has been tagged. This should help with searching. Please contact me if you’d like to chat about your wishes and ideas to improve this new, simple design.