404 Error at /system/sessions. Can't login

I’ve just reinstalled Graylog on new server. Had 2.1 working perfectly before but I can’t manage to make the new version work.

There’s an NGING acting as a reverse proxy. The conf is as follows:

rest_listen_uri = is configured to port 12900 (can’t have 3 links in a post as a new user :confused:)
rest_transport_uri = https://api.xxx.com/
web_endpoint_uri = https://xxx.com/

What issues do you have exactly?

Also make sure to read http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.2/pages/configuration/web_interface.html

Putting the text in a pre-formatted block should help:


Thank you for your prompt answer. I had already read the page you linked.

I can’t connect to Graylog because /system/sessions returns & 404 error (GET or POST).

I’m willing to have a setup with rest_listen_uri to a different port than web_endpoint_uri, as it was in the older versions.
I’ve set up two domain names:

  • api.graylog.xxx.com
  • graylog.xxx.com

My configuration is as follows:

rest_listen_uri =
rest_transport_uri = https://api.graylog.xxx.com/
web_endpoint_uri = https://graylog.xxx.com/

Web listen uri is left untouched. As per the server logs, Graylog bounds web and REST as desired:

[JerseyService] Started REST API at <>
[JerseyService] Started Web Interface at <>

But when I try to connect, in the webdev console, I can clearly see that there’s a problem:

"There was an error fetching a resource: cannot GET https://graylog.xxx.com/system/sessions (404)." Additional information: HTTP 404 Not Found

Shouldn’t that url belong to the api by the way?

web_endpoint_uri has to point to the public URI of the Graylog REST API, not to the URI of the Graylog web interface:

Additionally, your rest_transport_uri should be the same as rest_listen_uri (which is the default) if you’re using a reverse proxy.

Oh, that works, thank you very much. I hadn’t understood that web_endpoint_uri should be the api url and not the web interface.

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