Workaround: Import and export pipelines, connections, rules

Hi all.

Import or export pipelines, rules, etc… is currently not supported, using the content pack approach. Export mongodb pipeline_* collections seems a fragile approach, but I don’t see any other options. Do you have any recommendation how to automate the installation process of a pre-configured graylog instance?


I think it’s crazy that pipelines cannot be exported within contents packs! Currently the only way other than manually is with the Mongodb export. Hopefully the funcitonality will be included into Graylog soon.

Secret hidden surprise GitHub issue which absolutely cannot be found via search or by opening the Graylog 3.0.0 milestone. :wink:

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What is this magical ‘GitHub’ you speak of? On a serious note, is there a rough due date for 3.0.0? I can see the progress bar and I presume you just need to complete all of the tasks on there and then you’ll be ready to reslease.

Some time in Q3 2018, I guess.

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Cheers for that. Can’t wait for it!!