Exporting configuration from Graylog

(Jake Smith) #1

Dear All,

I want to export an entire configuration from one Graylog system to another?

I know that content packs could be used to export dashboards,inputs and streams. However, I have a large number of pipeline rules inn multiple stages attached to streams

Is there a way to export pipeline rules and import them into a second Graylog server as well?

Am I missing something?



(Jan Doberstein) #2

currently the only solution is to export from the database - with the upcoming release this will be more easy.

You would need to export parts or the complete database from one host to the other.

(Jake Smith) #3

HI Jan,

Can you point me towards some documentation regarding MongoDB tables needed or is it simply exporting and importing the whole database?



(Jake Smith) #4

Hi Jan,

I am going to look at the table structures within MongoDB for exporting.

I am assuming that you will need to use mongodump command to create a BSON formatted dump.

Next, I will download a VM and try to re install config.

Will let you know how it goes.



(Jake Smith) #5

Hi Jan,

Here a screenshot of my current graylog mongodb collection

Are there any parts of the collection that I should avoid? I want to export inputs,dashboards, streams, piepline rules and lookup table at a minimum.

So is it better to just export those parts of the collection or just the whole lot?



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