Exporting Graylog's Configuration for later use

Hi all,

Please i want to export my current version of Graylog’s configuration.(setup, rules, pipelines, filters, alerts and notification); create a new environment workspace, install maybe the latest version of Graylog and import the configuration i exported.

Please, is it possible? If yes, how do i go about it?

You’d have to export the MongoDB database of Graylog for that and import it into the MongoDB database of your new Graylog cluster.

Thanks @jochen; i ran the following command and it worked pretty fine.

mongodump --db graylog --out /home/graylog_backup

But i noticed that when i exported and copied it out, it wasn’t more than 25.8Mb.

Hope am fine with that size or is it meant to be more than that?

Secondly, help confirm if the following steps are perfect by the time i want to import it in my new graylog environment:

  1. Download the latest graylog version and install.
  2. when it’s all up and running, i would delete the default graylog db and replace it with the one i exported.

Since it’s mostly just configuration data, what size would you have expected?

Sure, that could work. Just make sure to use the same node ID (node_id_file in the configuration file) or you’ll have to modify the inputs definitions in the MongoDB database accordingly.

That’s pretty cool then. And that would fetch me all the rules, alerts, notifications, from the previous one and create all under this new Graylog i would download so i wont have to configure them from scratch?

You said: that could work; do you have a better option or any idea?

I’m not psychic and cannot see into the future. I also don’t know what you’re going to do, so I don’t know if it will work.

This being said, if done right, it will work.

okay @jochen,


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