How do I import backups to graylog

I used mongodump to back up graylog’s all files
Now I have an empty graylog, how do I import backups?

I use this command, is this right, How do I modify?
( /etc/graylog/backup , all backup datas in this file)

Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you

With mongorestore.

What issue do you specifically have with restoring the database dump you’ve created before?

Hi @jochen
My previous backup process is normal

I put the backup datas on FTP, and then use empty graylog to download.
Error occurred when importing data, graylog says “don’t know what to do with file”
Do you know what i problems with?

Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you

What did you do exactly and what was the full output of the commands you’ve executed?

hi @jochen
Is there any problem with my process?
(put the backup datas on FTP)

(use empty graylog to download)

I upload backup file and download
Content looks normal
Finally I want to restore my backup
My command is " sudo mongrestore -h -d graylog --directoryperdb /etc/graylog/backup "

Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you

Please refer to the examples in the MongoDB documentation for mongorestore:

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