I installed Graylog on a Debian server.

Everything works perfectly.

But I don’t have any backup in case of problems with this server.

If I want to have a spare server with the same items, is there a backup/restore option I could apply ?

I didn’t find this information or it wasn’t very clear :wink:

Thank you in advance for your help.


Unfortunately we won’t solve it instead of you.
You need a file backup about graylog plugins, and mongo, elastic, graylog’s config files. DB backup about your mongo and elastic database.

But as I see these are available in graylog doc (first google hit for “graylog backup”)

So maybe the fastest way if you check google for “elasticsearch database backup” “mongo backup” and “linux file backup”.

And also the cummunity is full with backup/restore problems, solutions.

thank you Macko003
I’ll do some research.
Thanks for your help.

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