Backup Configuration of Graylog

(Chhayheng) #1

Hi All,

Anybody use to backup graylog configuration, please share your experience.


yes. it’s good, and useful.

(Ben van Staveren) #3

copying server.conf to somewhere, and doing a mongodump and copying that somewhere are indeed good.


you missed the plugin folder :slight_smile:

(Ben van Staveren) #5

Well then, I guess someone will have to re-install them after recovering :wink:

(Chhayheng) #6

What is your suggestion ?

(bubba198) #7

Could there be a backup and recovery official documented procedure?

(Jan Doberstein) #8

the docs are open source - contribute!

(Chhayheng) #9

How about archive log day by day ?


It’s not graylog configuration.
GL stores log in ES. So you have to backup ES.