Whole stack of Graylog service migrate to another Linux server

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Hi All,

I am currently using a self build Linux VM to run a GLS 2.5.1. We recently acquired a physical server and plan to migrate the GL server, mongodb and elasticsearch data to this new physical server. I try to find the document but no information is mentioning about the database and server migration. Could anyone help?

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Hi Kelvin!

I reckon the Graylog site or docs don’t discuss wholesale migrations, because migrating MongoDB and ElasticSearch is a whole different kettle of fish. I’d suggest you look up their respective documentation sets.

One dirty-yet-clean method I could think of is to actually have both boxen up and running at the same time for a while: make them a cluster where all data is synced across both nodes and then in the end break down the cluster again. But there’s gotta be better ways to do it :slight_smile:


Simple backup every part of graylog and restore it to the phisical server. Then check the new server.
Stop old graylog, backup-restore the elastic database (it could change; it stores logs), shutdown the old server, add the old server’s ip to the new server.

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