GL 3.3.11 RHEL7 to GL4.x RHEL8?

Is there guidance for migrating from a running RHEL7 / GL 3.3 VM to a fresh install of RHEL8 / GL 4.x? Can I move /var/lib/elasticsearch and /var/lib/mongo over directly? The GL guidance mostly talk about upgrading a running Graylog from version to version. Not starting over with a fresh setup, and moving over the existing data.

edit: For the record I managed to migrate mongo with dump/restore, so the remaining question is what’s the best way to migrate the elastic. Since /var/lib/elasticsearch is currently on it’s own volume in HyperV, I was hoping to relocate the virtual disk to the new VM, and just mount it in the same location. So the question is will this fail? I’m not doing any clustering, or anything “fancy”.

edit2: Looks like my sidecars didn’t move over. Where are those stored?

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