Move to other server?

How to move all data from one server to another?
Is it a tools or method to move all data from graylog 2.2.3 (on docker) to graylog 3 on docker on other server?

without knowing how you have your current setup configured the exact way is hard to tell.

But you shouldn’t move from 2.2 direct to 3.0. You need to follow the upgrade route.

How you move the data from one host to another highly depends if you have dedicated folders or mounts for your data or not.

i have 2.2 in server X (docker-compose) and mount all driver (mongo, es and graylog)
i have graylog3 on other server Y (docker-compose) and it’s also mounted. all drive.
but in server X i’m running es version 2 and mongo 3 and graylog 2.2.1
and in other one, server Y i have mongo 3, es 6.6.1 and graylog 3.0
Can i mounted all driver from X to Y and running or i get a problem beacause of different version specially in es?

that is not possible what you have in mind. From a technical perspective.

The way data is stored in mongodb and elasticsearch and how graylog is working. You can just copy data from one disk to another and let elasticsearch magically pick that up. or mongodb.

You way to go would be to upgrade the Setup on Server X to the latest version, following the complete upgrade trail with all pitfalls and problems. If that is done, copy the mount drives to Server Y and start them mounted to your new docker compose. This way you move the data from Server to Server including the wanted upgrade.

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