Export and Import Graylog configuration

Hello World,

I am currently carrying out graylog integration tests within my company.

We might be likely to switch to the enterprise version of graylog in the near future.

I performed configuration tests on a server with the Ubuntu 18.04 OVA.
I would now like to be able to export my configurations (Dashboards, Streams, Alerts) on my future server in Production which is based on CentOS 8.

I tested the export of the “views” collections, without success.

For convenience, I also tried to install the plugin provided in the Graylog Marketplace, also without success. :frowning:

Isn’t there a simple way for save your configuration to restore it or export it to another server?

Thanks for your help


You could create a content pack for yourself


I have just moved my Graylog from one ubuntu installation to another. I followed this guide

Four main things to do

  1. Data base dump / export
  2. Export / copy graylog config file to new server
  3. Export / copy node_id_file to the new server
  4. Date base import

Also if your using TLS dont forget to import your certs to the java key store.

I found, as the default installation has the sidecar user already I had to delete it and re-import again so I didn’t lose all my authentication tokens, I also had to add the admin role back to my admin users.

Export / dump command used
mongodump --db graylog --out /home/username/graylog_backup

Restore command used
sudo mongorestore /home/username/graylog_backup

Good luck


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