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We are switching from ELK to Graylog and we’d like to recreate our dashboards. I need a dashboard that shows the “top 10 source IP’s by size over time”. In Kibana the widget would look something like the first widget in the picture below. The result shows us, as expected, the top 10 IP adresses by traffic over time.

When I try to replicate the same thing in Graylog, I will get the second widget from the picture below. Instead of showing me the 2 IP Adresses with the highest traffic over time, the graph shows me the 2 IP’s with the highest traffic at that exact time (not over time).

Is there any way of replicating the exact graph from kibana?

Hello && Welcome

I played this ELK before and used auto create dashboards. Graylog widgets for dashboards takes a little more time sorta like making Visualizations on Kibana. I’ve done two Widget mockups for you on Graylog 4.1.

This is a auto Interval

This is a 1 minute and disabled the Auto.

Hope that helps

Hi gsmith,
Thank you for your response. The “problem” with this view is that I need the IP adresses in the legend and not the timestamp. Do you know how to do this?
Thanks in advance


It is not going to be exactly like what you want but here is another example:

Your IP addresses are on the bottom thou. different software, different configuration.
Hope that helps

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