Dashboard Widgets Customization options

Hello all,

Graylog version: v3.2.4+a407287

I want to know do the dashboard widgets support the following display option:

    1. Display Top 10 output only
      e.g. only show the top 10 count on srcip
    1. change the font and font size of the graphs/tables
    1. change the black color border and header of the table
    1. change the width and height of the cells in tables

It will be nice to be able to customize these widgets so that the Report can be present in a better visuals.

Thanks for any help from you all.

Thanks very much.

Hello @bbfunde,

      1. No, not with this version. We plan further customizations in the future, but don’t have a certain plan right now for that.

I hope this helps, let me know if something is unclear.
- Konrad

thanks konrad for the nice clip :smiley: and the info on the update plan.

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