API missing endpoint post /dashboards/{dashboardId}/widgets

In graylog version 5,6 is missing
Missing API endpoint
post /dashboards/{dashboardId}/widgets in graylog version 5.6

How do you display via API the widget data you create on a dashboard?

Unfortunately the aggregations in the search are outdated and offer a maximum of 15 rows. and it is not possible to increase this number.

Thank you.

There’s an API Reports/AvailableWidget that returns all dashboards and widgets.
Looking back all the way to 4.3 I couldn’t see that API. It seems to have been deprecated and removed a long time ago.

in new version 6.0.2 missing report/AvailableWidget in api :frowning:

That API does exist in 6.0.x. Unhelpfully, the name is different from the URL. Sorry about that.

this is a plugin, it does not include Graylog in the base.
Where can I download it and how do I install it?

Thank you for your advice.

It’s an Enterprise feature. You can get a free 2GB Enterprise license here.

thank you, we use open source and I am looking for a solution to get out aggregated data. without buying Enterprise license

Frankly I doubt it was intentional that this capability was removed from Open.
Go ahead and open a feature request. Thx.

good day, could you please advise me where to open it ? Thank you

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