Why messages does not go to stream

I created below stream( stream name is aaa )

  • source match exactly
  • level greater than 5

and it shows 8 messages/s go to this stream as below picture

but when I click this stream and go into it , it shows “Nothing found in stream aaa”

who can help me?

is the content of that stream visible when you select “show all messages” ?

Maybe the timestamp is not proper set.

no there isn’t any messages in when select “show all messages”

I think timestamp is OK, because I can search them in INPUTS and Default message stream

I try to define the params of stream_processing_timeout & stream_processing_max_faults ,and restart the graylog-server, now streams is OK…let me watch for a while

Find a message manually which according to you would match and try to “load message” in order to verify your stream rules. I guess it could be due to type mismatch in level (string vs int).

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