No message are displayed in the streams

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Hi. I have graylog in docker, version
In cluster of 2 graylog message 1 stream (named app) stopped appearing. All other stream working fine.
Index for this stream looks good (1 image in post for new users).
If i make request to es (in the current index) - messages is there:

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screen of index

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sorry - what is your question again?

(Vladimir) #4

I apologize for my English - use Google translator.
Question in topic title - “no message in stream”, but they go there (see through the streams) and fall into the index (see through the indices).
This applies to only one “APP” stream, other streams work well.

(Jan Doberstein) #5

Did you try recalculate index range on the index page for that index?

(Vladimir) #6

Hi. No, but today this stream working ok, older and new message are corectly finding.
Thank you for helping!

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