Stream message do not show

Hi Guys,

I saw the message was route to stream.
But when I choice the stream and click search nothing will show ?

Please post the actual stream rules and an example message that should be caught by it.

It is also possible that the timestamp on the message is off, such as a different time zone from the console viewing you are doing.

Thanks for your reply.

  1. The message always route to “All messages” stream
  2. My rule and message sampe as below


  1. There is another stream work noramally.

You could try using regex there

Message must match regular expression: ^kind\:s7

where the ^ enforces beginning of message and the \ next to the colon escapes it to be exact.

But the system was show “This message would be routed to this stream!”
As I know, that mean the rule is correct.
Am I right ?


What happens when you adjust the Search time? Maybe something beyond 5 minutes.


I also noticed that the time in the Message does not match the "timestamp " field. perhaps insure the Date/time ( & timezone) is correct. Not only on the server but the user and remote devices also has the correct timezone.

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