Which Hardware for sophisticated home lab?

Unfortunately Mongodb does not support my Proxmox CPU so I am not able to install Graylog on that server.

Any suggestions on which bare metal to use? Low wattage preferred. Have arround 8 Servers and 4 Clients.

Hey @toddhb


What I did was use Graylog 5.x with MongoDb 4.x then I added this line in Graylog configuration file.

skip_preflight_checks = true

For a lab its all good, I dont have any issues yet. MongoDb basically need the new hardware with AVX flag.

@ gsmith

Well, it would work, but from a security standpoint a cannot go this way. There are probably no updates for Mongodb available at the moment, and still if there are this will be discontinued soon. Even beeing in home lab this is no risk I am willing to take.

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Hey @toddhb

I agree, To run MongoDb you will need the following CPU Flag = AVX

You can check on Linux with…

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Here is the docs…


Perfectly. The link provides a method to go with newer Mongo without AVX requirement. Thanks for it. Will try out later on.

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