MongoDB 5.0 upgrade guide, specify AVX support requirements

I’m testing Graylog 5 beta and MongoDB 5.

I’m following this document to upgrade from MongoDB 4.4 to 5.0.

When starting MongoDB I’m getting an error about MongoDB 5 and higher requiring AVX CPU support. My hypervisor doesn’t pass this CPU instruction through, so I need to update my VM config.

You may want to add a warning to Graylog’s MongoDB upgrade docs about MongoDB’s AVX requirements with the 5.x and higher releases. I can imagine people running Graylog/Mongo in virtual machines that don’t expose specific CPU instructions (like me) will need to know this.


Hey @lmm5247
Quick question on this, since it seams we might have same environment.
Have you posted this in GitHub?

The reason I stated this is because Graylog 5 Beta 4 is out today and it may help the dev’s identify this better on GitHub.

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No I didn’t because I thought it was just a documentation issue (even though it’s not Graylog’s job to warn admins about every MongoDB change). Do you want me to open a GitHub issue?

If you don’t mind that would be great, and thank you :+1:

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