Where Can I Find the Full 3.0 Server.conf File?

I upgraded to 3.0 but my old server.conf was left in place. I made changes according to the documentation but I am wondering now if I should just replace the old 2.3 server.conf file I have with a fresh server.conf 3.0 file and make changes there instead. If anyone can direct me to where the complete 3.0 server.conf default file is I would really appreciate it.

for 3.0 https://github.com/Graylog2/graylog2-server/blob/3.0/misc/graylog.conf

the nice about open source - that everything is free available …

Hello @martineznet

I recently upgraded from 2.4 to 3 as well.
IMO it’s better to start afresh from 3.x server.conf file. The differences are subtle, but the comparision is a chore.

The default server.conf is located at:


If you need the original 3.0 server.conf, you may refer to GitHub:

Is the server.conf supposed to auto-upgrade too? Mine appeared the same as my 2.3 server.conf.

My 2.4 server.conf was not replaced/updated after upgrade. I had to manually replace the old conf with the new (filled) one, and restart the service.

that is done on purpose - because you have modified the file, your package management is not replacing a changed configuration file. That needs to be done on your own.

So that is done on purpose.

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