What options or tools are available to analyze Graylog log data?

I am investigating options for analyzing the Graylog log data.
My company asked me to research Lumberjack, but from what I read, this is deprecated. What is the replacement for it?
How can we parse API usage data from Graylog?
What do we need to include in our logging to ensure it can parse the request?

Graylog v3.3.8+e223f85
OS: Centos 7

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Lumberjack didn’t that go out in 2014? I would use Graylog :slight_smile:

You can find more about the API here


Depends on what you want to request. This would start on how you configured your environment meaning your Graylog setup, what your using to ship logs, what kind of devices that are send logs.
Over all what do you want to use a logging server for. Sometimes its not just the API but how you set up your server. I would suggest looking at this documentation first.

Architectural considerations - Architectural considerations

As for a better understanding about Graylog API here are some post that may help…

I believe the links above may enlighten you on these question. If not gives us some more details and maybe we can give you a direct answer. I personally have not used API’s that much but I know other have.

Hope that helps

Hello there,

May I ask sort of data are you looking to extract?

Not knowing what you exactly heading for, it is possible to directly connect to your elasticseach with kibana en search your data and build dashes if one wants to. If one wants to narrow parsing than enrich your data or ingest it into separate fields, if it not already is.

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