Logs of a source using api

How can we fetch the logs of a particular source using graylog api and which api will be used for that? Please guide me regrading this.

  • Did you read through the instructions?
  • Did you try anything? You could post what you found to be close and ask for more detail…
  • You could mention your environment… what version of Graylog are you using? The answer might be different…
  • It helps to read through this about asking questions in forums.

Generally people in the forums like helping others who have worked at the problem and are stumped … and share their settings… and share what they have tried to resolve the problem…

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I followed up this link and try to fetch the details using api. And i also get the cluster information but didn’t get any specific api to get the logs from a particular source. Kindly guide me to get out of this.

curl -u GM:admin-H ‘Accept: application/json’ -X GET ‘

A quick search of the forums found this post that might give you a start on how to build an API query for what you want.

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