How do I post curl commands in graylog?


I recently got started with graylogs and I understand that we can get logs for a particular application using the GUI provided after we specify the below parameters -

  • Relative/Absolute time
  • Search query
    and then we can download the output as .csv file.

I have already tried this method out, and the problem I faced was that, If I had to obtain logs for every 1 hour interval for a period of 3 days, I had to manually change the time and download the .csv files and arrange it.

For now, I wish to use a different method to obtain the logs. I want to use curl requests as the input instead of the GUI.

My Question Is - How/Where do we specify curls instead of using the GUI to get the logs?

I am not much of an expert in graylogs so I didn’t see any option related curls. I already know how to write the curls for graylogs thanks to a comment made by Jan Doberstein, link to post below -

Where do I find the ‘Export API’ mentioned in the comment (in the post above) ?

Im currently using MacOS. (I don’t think that’s useful, but ok.)

Thanks! Looking forward to some help!

Hello && Welcome @sruju333

Navigate to System/Nodes → API browser

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Thank you very much.
‘Export API’ was a confusing term for a beginner.

I was able to find the ‘Export API’ which I needed after accessing the base_URL/api/api-browser endpoint (same as above) and then going to /search/universal/absolute/export API.

This partially solves my problem, will post another question if the need arises. Thank you once again.

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Awesome, glad to help. If you could mark this as resolved this will help future search’s :+1:

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