Warning: MongoDB 4.2.8 may break graylog-server 3+


Well I’ve just been having all kinds of fun today that ended with me wiping 6 months worth of data. Mongo apparently chose this specific version to force upgrade all DBs to WiredTiger storage. Oh how this corrupted my data and made it completely useless. Mongo refused to startup because of the corrupt data.

I tried copying the folder, starting empty, and do a dump/restore run to convert everything to WiredTiger. That, I think, simply corrupted everything a second time.

So, no choice, wiped mongo and started with a fresh WiredTiger database.

I’ll probably open an official bug with Mongo once I cool down some.


Graylog support MongoDB 4.2 from version 3.3.0, before you need to use compatibility mode…

I have the same problem… Everything is broken and I can’t seem to get it up and running again.
(Graylog 3.3.3 + Mongodb 4.2.8, everything broke after Mongodb upgrade from 4.2.7 and downgrading, compability mode etc etc did not help).

I guess you never did find a solution?

No unfortunately the solution was to try and downgrade, which didn’t work. I ended up rebuilding and locking my Mongo version to 4.2.7.

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