Version 2.43/2.44 doesn't keep SMTP password settings

I’ve noticed ever since upgrading to 2.43 and 2.44 that the SMTP settings for email / alerts, does not retain the SMTP password information after running a graylog-ctl reconfigure. I have to manually edit graylog.conf each time and reenter the password. Hopefully this bug can be fixed soon. Additionally, it would be awesome if SMTP settings were configurable through the UI instead of the command line.

How exactly have you installed Graylog?

downloaded the image file from the website as a VM 2.42, then command line upgrades to 2.43 and 2.44; been using graylog for a number of years; this is the first i’ve seen of this issue.

it also seems to reset the attribute transport_email_use_auth = false also.

If you’re using the virtual appliance, you have to use the graylog-ctl utility to configure Graylog.
Manual changes to the configuration files will be overwritten.

See for details.

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