Using AWS IAM Role for Authentication to Make Connection to OpenSearch/ElasticSearch


I have deployed Graylog nodes to AWS EKS (MongoDB also EKS) with OpenSearch. To access OpenSearch, I am using ‘user:password@’ in the URL. Has anyone worked on using AWS IAM role credential for the connection?
Also, I’d like to replace MongoDB with AWS DocumentDB and wish I can use AWS IAM role there too.


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Hello @Tiger

I haven’t yet, but this post caught my attention. I’m supposed replace Elasticsearch-oss.7.10 with Opensearch.1.3 or 2.0 when it comes out. I’m waiting for the package install to be fixed first.

I haven’t used DocumentDB but Its a fork of MongoDb so I think it should work the same. Might run into package errors. If i come across anything about this , Ill post it here.

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