Opensearch basic security

I know this probably isn’t the forum for this but the only reason I am even attempting to figure out Opensearch basic authentication is so I can have at least one layer of security on my Opensearch cluster powering my Graylog cluster.

I have been trying to find some example opensearch config files that show a basic authentication setup. Does anyone have an example file they can share? Even a good link to some documentation (other than the official Opensearch docs)?

Hello @workinonit

For my Opensearch cluster I have always used this Documentation.

BUT the catch is connecting Graylog to Opensearch nodes.

Graylog has two options and probably the reason why in the Documentation it says disable the " Security Plugin"

elasticsearch_hosts = http://node1:9200,
elasticsearch_hosts = http://user:password@node2:9200

EDIT: you could put Nginx in front.

I do have Nginx in front currently. I’ll check out the link and see if I can get any further. Thanks. I’ll report back.

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So I read through… and when I got to certs I got the shivers. There is nothing better than finding out a self signed cert is no longer valid.

Is this the simplest way? Anyone else out there got something more straight forward?

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