AWS Elasticsearch


Is there a way to do authentication or connect from Graylog servers (EC2) to AWS Elasticsearch using EC2 roles with sts:AssumeRole and ES:* role policy?

You can do this in Logstash using the Logstashs AWS ES plugin, I was wondering if Graylog has similar plugin or am I missing something.

I am using Graylog 3.1 and AWS ES (VPC), I have tried the role with AmazonESFULLAccess and access policy with the role to ES:* no joy. It throws me “User: anonymous is not authorised” when I try to curl the endpoint from the Graylog (EC2) server.

Only way I have been able to connect to AWS ES from Graylog servers is by modifying the AWS ES access policy to open access to all. This is not ideal. Has anyone come across this problem before?

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