User lockout time after wrong password

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I want to have an option to lockout a user that trie to put wrong password for 3 times for example

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    ubuntu server 20.04.5
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Hello and a Happy new year.
I am new to graylog set up. until now with the post here I set up my log server with success.
My issue now is that I should have a security option for my future employees and this is in the case of a user that trie to log in at the interface of graylog with 3 failed attempts his/her account should be deactivete for some time or until the admin unlock this user.
I search but I dont find something simillar.

Thank you in advance

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Hello && welcome @kavalaris

There isnt one I know of.

You do have a couple of choices thou. Connect the Graylog server to a Active Directory and adjust failed logon attempts there or Graylog Operation/Enterprise license you can use the SSo OIDC and adjust the failed logon attempts from there.

you can ask for a feature request here

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We already have a feature request for this:

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