User can't see Event Definitions and Notifications section when role Alerts Manager isn't assigned

My problem:
I want a user (admin works fine) to be able to see shared Event Definitions and Notifications and to be able to create new ones. So I assigned the roles “Event Definition Creator” and “Event Notification Creator”. The problem is that the user can’t see the Event Definition and Notification sections in his webinterface in general. He can see the Alerts & Events section with the triggerd events but not the other sections. I could assign the “Alerts Manager” role to the user, then he can see all the sections, but he can see and edit all events and notifications, too, what I don’t want.

How you can help:
I would like to know: Do you have the same problem? Is this a general problem because of false implementation? Do I understand the porpuse of the “Event Definition Creator” and “Event Notification Creator” role wrong? Am I missing something? Can I solve this somehow?

Graylog Open 5.0.5 on Debian 11 VM (generally working fine)

Hi Malle, I’m doing some testing on this. I did some testing with various permissions and creating custom roles but so far the only role i can find that grants this is the admin role. Will report back.

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The problem is that the admin role grants to much permissions for my usecase.

So it should be possible, but you have discovered a bug, congrats!

It’s only the menu item that is actually hidden so you can still access the events page, you would just need to manually type the url to the page until the bug is fixed.


Yeah, that’s a workaroud, but still not perfect. So if I understand it right it’s a general bug of graylog and we just hope they fix it in the next update? Edit: I just saw you two are graylog staffs, so you’r gonne report that to the right people so it may be fixed?

That link in my last post is the guthub issue that was just opened to track that, so yes it’s in the queue and you can follow its progress at that link.

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