Graylog 3.1.0 Events permission


I’m really liking all those new features in OS Graylog like Views or extended Alerting but I’ve got a question regarding the new Alerting / Events system.
While there is a built-in “Views User” role I don’t see a buil-it “Alerts User” role, there is only an “Alerts Manager”.

From my understanding and some testing “Views User” allows user to create new and read existing Views basing on his “Streams” permissions. Basically if user “Adam” has permission to read stream “Example Stream A” and View “Example View A” is based upon this stream - Adam will be able to use that View. He will also be able to create new Views but only with “Example Stream A” data.

I’m looking for something similar but with Events. So, user being able to create or read events/alerts but only those connected to streams he has permissions to Read would be great.

Is it possible to achieve right now creating custom roles trough API?


adding fine grained permissions to the new Alerts system is still on our todo list.
The old alert system had a permission system that was entirely based on streams.
While this was convenient, it also restricted us to one stream per alert definition.

What can be done, is manually adding permissions for each created Event definition to single users through API calls, but this is still quite cumbersome :frowning:

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Alright, thank you :slight_smile:

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