Use ContentPack with existing Input Module

(theresa) #1

Dear all,

is it possible to use a new ContentPack with an existing input module?
I’m trying to use this content pack
but it seems to create a new input source…

"inputs" : [ {
"title" : "WinLogs-gelf",
"configuration" : {
  "port" : 5414,
  "override_source" : "",
  "bind_address" : "",
  "recv_buffer_size" : 1048576

But I can’t just delete this block as it seems to be bound to the whole input section along with GROK patterns, etc…

So, do you know if it’s possible to use a content pack without having it create another input source?


(Jochen) #2

No, that’s not possible.

If a content pack contains an input and you apply the content pack, the input will be created.

(theresa) #3

Ok, but would it be possible to use fragments of the content pack? e.g the GROK patterns and dashboards, etc…?

(Jochen) #4

You can delete parts of the content pack (in the JSON file) before importing it.

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