SonicWall firewall Input using content package give an error on graylog 3.0.2

Hi, could you help me please, i am confused, what can i use in the Input with the sonicwall.
I tried with the content Package for sonic wall, i have 4 files, one of this it is a .json
Then open system/content packs/uplodad and browse the content_pack.json.
After that is listed, i click on install but give me an alert:
Cannot POST http:/ip:900/API etc etc
I am using Graylog 3.0.2 could you tell me please what i am doing wrong.

Please post which content pack did you try to use? Whats your exact error, check graylog log file for error mesage…

This one is for Graylog 3.0, so it should probably works (i haven’t tried)

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